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About the Observatory

About the Observatory

The Waterberg Observatory is situated within Leobo and is an integral part of the main house.

The Observatory’s fully automated copper coloured dome houses two different types of telescope – a 20 inch corrected Dahl Kirkham for looking at stars, Planets and Nebulae and an 8 inch Hydrogen Alpha scope for looking directly at the sun.

The setup is capable of producing world class images and is complete with all the equipment necessary to do various levels of just plain optical viewing as well as more complex astrophotography.

Due to the reserves remote location, there is virtually no light pollution and it is possible to see objects down to Magnitude 7.4 (the limit of the human eye is normally Magnitude 6) meaning that the skies are some of the best in the world for Astronomy.

Guests staying at the house are able to see a tour of the night skies and it is also possible to book a local Astronomer who can give a more detailed Starlit Safari.